About Us


Eviza family founded Evizler & Efor Confectionery in 1994 which have become the primary brands for the family. In order to provide the quality service at the best value, all these brands are gathered under AHS Group.

The group has been trading in domestic & export markets and has been increasing its reputation which helped the company to be one of the leading in the industry. The vast experience has given an advantage to Eviz family therefore, invested in its own brand Eviza.

The benefit of vast experience in the sector, helps Eviza to increase its market share. The main products for the brand is Biscuits, chocolates, cakes, jellies and other sort of confectionery products. Our aim is to introduce all the confectionery products under one brand.

Beside confectionery sectory, AHS Group has investment in textile sector to attract its customers and satisfy the shareholders.